Wednesday, February 26, 2020

The concept of Gods redemptive plan Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 4000 words

The concept of Gods redemptive plan - Essay Example The Exodus narrative refers to the journey undertaken by Israelites from Egypt to their motherland. Similarly, the gospel narratives refer to the Christian teachings wherein Jesus’ elects twelve men, known as the apostles, to reach the nations and act as agents for providing salvation to others. The Pauline narrative herewith refers to Paul’s teachings in the Bible and helps to develop an understanding of Paul’s own redemptive, and the manner in which Jesus selects and calls him for his fissional agenda. Again, God elected Israel in order to ensure that Israel acts as the agent of redemptive for missio Dei to all other nations. The story of Israel, as outlined in the Bible, from Abraham’s redemptive to the Exodus event, and later in the New Testament, is written in such a manner that requires one to remember the past about the journey of appointment that Israel had made. Moreover, the same acted as a reminder regarding the manner in which God, in his grace , rescued and re-established Israel, such that all nations would ultimately enjoy the same redemptive grace. The Exodus narrative depicts the journey of Israelites from Egypt to Canaan. It unravels the painful story of the Israelites, who were then attributed as slaves. The Exodus narrative comprises of two main genres, namely, laws, along with the narrative history. Its main personalities encompassed Moses, Aaron, Joshua, and Miriam. These personalities acted as leaders for the Israelites in their path of relocating from Egypt to Canaan.

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